Natural Buttermilk ECO


Natural buttermilk is a beverage that is obtained only during the whipping process during the production of butter. It is characterized by a refreshing, creamy-nutty, slightly sour taste. Buttermilk, due to its composition: low fat content, relatively high content of phospholipids, and the addition of lactic acid bacteria is a product that is easily digestible, 2-3 times faster than other products decomposing in the gastrointestinal tract. Phospholipids contained in it protect and support liver function. In summer, it quenches thirst…

Ingredients: buttermilk* natural (from milk) not normalized, cultures of lactic acid bacteria.

* – from organic farming.

Nutrition value in 100 product grams:
  Nutrition value  135 kJ/ 32 kcal
  Fats  0,7 g
  including saturatedfatty acids  0,4 g
  Carbohydrates  3,6 g
  including sugars  3,6 g
  Protein  2,6 g
  Salt  0,1 g