Semi-fat Quark ECO – brick 200g


Eco packed quark is characterized by a light, delicate consistency, very easy to spread. It is characterized by a mild, aromatic, slightly acidic, refreshing taste and smell. Due to these features, it can be directly used for many dishes. After adding vegetables or fruit is an excellent breakfast or snack, it can also be used as a filling of pancakes or, without additional grinding, you can prepare a delicious cheesecake.

Ingredients:  milk* pasteurized, cultures of lactic acid bacteria.

*- from organic farming

  Nutrition value in 100 product grams:
  Nutrition value  544 kJ/129 kcal
  Fats  4,5 g
  including saturatedfatty acids  2,7 g
  Carbohydrates  3,5 g
  including sugars  3,5 g
  Protein  18,7 g
  Salt  0,25 g